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Auto Mercedes-Benz V -VIP 7+1 seats

We have focused all the energy in the field of transport, to accomplish this goal and especially to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Minibus Mercedes Sprinter VIP 22+1 seats

The 14 years experience in the field, together with the numerous collaborations with different companies, ensure continuity and improvement over time. Exchanges of experience with prestigious companies in Romania, Germany, Turkey and Greece have helped us to design a transport solution tailored to the needs of our customers.

Interior Exterior

MidiBus Iveco DYPARRO 30+1 seats

Its customer orientation is transposed into the superior quality level of the services rendered, proven quality and certification in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.


Our own Service Mobil

for emergency situations

If the vehicle has suffered a technical fault, it will be to careful check in our own service.

The whole range of cars

Portfolio C F L

At present C F L has a park as follows::
Ø 59 Buses with capacity between 42 – 70 seats
Ø 19 Minibuses with capacity between 20 – 23 seats
Ø 11 Midibus with capacity between 30 – 32 seats
Ø 5 Cars with capacities between 6 – 8 seats
Ø Own fuel distribution / sale station
Ø Own service
Ø Own car wash
Ø Mobile Service / NON-STOP Assistant

Transport solutions

last generation

All fleet C F L is monitored by GPS with state-of-the-art programs, so you can check the position of the car in real-time.
* C F L provides dispatch 24h / 24h.

Coach rental

for tourism purposes

We provide quality services in the field of coach rental for tourism purposes. We represent one of the largest premium charter groups in Europe.



We also offer rental services, probably having the best price on the market right now.


Emergency, and any defects on the road, there are mobile teams moving immediately where necessary.

We have school certified drivers

Due to the large number of employed drivers a first step is the opening of a vocational attestation school.



In the future, the company intends to provide full services to its customers, as well as the development of activities related to the transport of people, which will help to increase efficiency but also to reduce the operational costs and the continuous increase of the level of services.

CFL wants to change the mentality on the Romanian market according to which the differentiation between the service providers is made by the price. Over the years, our company has formed a quality staff, a staff that can satisfy all the clients' exigencies

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