The adventure ”CONTINENTAL FAST LINE”, short C F L, began in 2004, when some transport enthusiasts decided to build a business based on passion. The goal? To reach, in the first phase, the most important transport company in the county, after which – a landmark in the field at national level. That is why we have focused all the energy to this goal and especially to the full satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

After 14 years of beautiful travel, the company’s evolution was more than obvious, thanks to valuable, enthusiastic people and involved in the development of this business.


C F L offers state-of-the-art transport solutions with the car park made up of over100 vehicles with a capacity of 4 to 74 seats.

Constant improvement of services is one of the company’s most important goals, so we are proposing for the future double the activity in terms of routes and destinations, doubling the number of employees and coaches in the fleet.

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If the vehicle has suffered a technical malfunction, it is subject to careful checking in its own service, in order to keep the transport services at high standards.

For emergencies such as roadside malfunctions, there are mobile teams that move immediately where necessary to fix the problem or to tow the car to our service.In such cases, the company replaces the vehicle with another one for picking up passengers.

The whole range of vehicles

We’re trying to cover the whole range of cars. Its orientation towards the client is transposed into the superior quality level of the services rendered, proven quality and certification according to the international standardISO 9001.

The Company is certified ISO, being further audited on this system.

CFL wants to change the mentality on the Romanian market, according to which the differentiation between service providers is made by the price and not by the quality of the services. Over the years, our company has formed a quality staff that can satisfy all the customers’ needs.



The company headquartered in Mioveni, the satellite city of Arges County, was a good opportunity for collaboration with Automobile Dacia Renault and its satellites made CFL to meet the European transport standards.

In the future, the company intends to provide full services to its customers, as well as the development of activities related to the transport of people, which will help to increase efficiency but also to reduce the operational costs and the continuous increase of the level of services.

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